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  1. Hi You need to become a member in order to post to the main forums Andrew
  2. Hi Brandie, I'd recommend you become a member and look around the none public threads. This should help you realise your not alone. It's such a personal and horrible thing but at least you're amongst people who understand on here. As others I don't mind you PMing me/arranging a convenient time to talk in chat. But I would say only pick me to talk to if you want someone who isn't the huggy it'll all be ok type. I've been raped but I've learnt to live with it as to be honest there ain't much else you can do about it. Take care, Andrew
  3. Hi Dash, This forum is a good place to share so welcome. Andrew
  4. Thanks to all for your replies. I don't feel judged which is good. I just need somewhere to vent/talk about stuff and hope people understand that.
  5. it's ok being scared. Just read and see if you feel a part of it all. If so post and think of it as a support network.
  6. Hi all, I don't want to write too much as this forum is public. I'll post more elsewhere. But a little about me: I'm male, I was abused, I'm no longer a victim but neither am I normal. I'm on here as I wanted somewhere I can post where people understand and hopefully don't judge (something that freaks me out). It's only people who've gone through what i've gone through who can truly relate to my issues. I'm on the road to recovery (A lot of my anger has now gone) and trying to move on but I'm finding it so hard.
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