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  1. Thank you for all the support and words of comfort. I am thankful. Claira, I like your suggestion of saying or admitting the hard parts together or to each other to get it off our chest. How is it that we get stuck with shame and fear and all the other awful aftermath effects when we did nothing wrong? It makes me angry!
  2. Yes, I'm new, and I'm not ready to share my story but all I can manage to say is that I was attacked, forced, and severely injured. I despise SV for all the obvious reasons but mostly because it's just so unfair. I've read some of the posts here and credit the good brave speakers for sharing and for their persistence in finding outlets that will help in their road to recovery. SV is graphic so I don't share, and I just can't right now, but maybe someday. But despite what happened to you and me, I'd like to spend my time encouraging others because we did nothing wrong; and if the staff at
  3. Mission


    Hi Teagan, We can see by all the responses that there are others who are willing to listen to you, and I am willing to listen to you. You made a great start sharing your story and anytime you need to a listener, we are here for you. I'm new myself but I read your post and wanted to let you know that despite what happened to you, you've already shown strength just in sharing as much with us. I'm hoping the very best for you.
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