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  1. thank you so much. i really appreciate your kind words ❤️
  2. thank you so much finch. i appreciate you for responding, and i am very sorry that you have to deal with that. i am sending you so much love ❤️
  3. hi everyone, i go by zhongli here. i am on here because i don't have anywhere else to go. when i was younger, on multiple occasions i was sexually abused. now i am 20 years old and lately it has become so hard to deal with because i live with my abuser. i don't want to tell anyone in my family because i am scared, and honestly i do not want to hurt my mom (she is not my abuser). i know this would break her heart into pieces, and she is my rock (although she annoys me sometimes haha) and i'd feel so shitty if i did that to her. i have told my closest friends and they are all really supportive.
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