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  1. Thanks for the welcomes. The past week has been really surreal for me. This is the 2nd forum I've joined. Is that odd? I mentioned to someone who PM'd me that I feel like I'm cheating on all of you and them by being in two places at once. But it's kind of like my search for the right therapist I guess. I have to keep telling myself that its ok to choose the right healing path for ME. I always have to reassure myself that the decisions I make are ok. I don't have to make decisions based on whatever anyone else needs. This time is MINE. It's a hard realization to see that I'm
  2. Hello new friends. I'm 40. Just talked to a therapist for the first time today. 5 days ago I came out to my husband about my past... well just the surface of it. I didn't even know how bad I was suffering until I spoke my truth out loud. I'm really hoping that support groups like this will help me get through. I'm also looking for group therapy in my area. Pretty hard because of COVID but I'll find something hopefully. Thanks for being here and sharing your stories and helping others like me navigate it all.
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