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  1. SassyP


    You all have touched on so many important things that brought me here. I have been looking around and will continue to allow myself to be open to a new level of healing. Thank you!
  2. SassyP


    Thank you both for the warm welcome. It already feels like I made the right decision in coming here.
  3. SassyP


    I've introduced myself what feels like a million different times. Yet, I've been trying to decide what to say for the last few days since starting the process of joining After Silence. Nothing feels right, but I suppose that's to be expected. I am 46 years old and my sexual abuse related traumas are from my childhood and an additional incident at college. These are not the only traumas I've survived. I am open and honest about what I have been through as I know my experiences can help others. As the last of my kids is about to go off to college and having moved to a less time consumi
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