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  1. Thank you. I appreciate your kind words. It's just that I haven't actually been "through" anything. I am not a victim of anything. Luckily. I just think some stuff is questionable in hindsight and I'm trying to make sense of it. My problem is that everyone either thinks that what I experienced was bad and that I must be traumatised, or that what I experienced was completely normal and fun and nothing to worry about. It's like there's no middle ground. Like "I didn't mind it at that time but feel mildly uncomfortable looking back" isn't acceptable.
  2. Hello everyone, I feel conflicted about writing here. I have not experienced sexual assault. My problem is that I have experienced situations that are legally in a grey zone and that didn't make me feel bad at the time but now cause me to feel weird. Basically I experienced some things when I was quite young with people who were a lot older. In some countries this would be a criminal offence but where I live it is legal. Some people would still perceive it as predatory. I feel weird because only looking back I realise that I was potentially a victim of predatory behavi
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