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  1. Ond Is Back!

    Welcome back! I have only today came back after a break, too. Look forwards to seeing you around X
  2. Not Brand New, Just Been Gone A Long Time!

    Welcome back See you around, XX
  3. Yikes She's Back!

    Im really glad to see you back hun Big hugs flying to you - I have missed you on the boards!
  4. Wondered If Others Were Having Problems

    LOL! Classic! I really honestly cant stop laughing!
  5. Wondered If Others Were Having Problems

    Yeah, I had that too. I nearly freaked out when I couldnt get to AS, my place of safety I think if this site shut down I would have physical withdrawals. No no....im not dependent...honestly!!
  6. Hi Everyone

    Hello Corrie! Welcome to the boards, everyone is truely lovely here and very supportive. Hugs to you, PM me if you ever need something!
  7. Just Joined

    Welcome I am 17 and a survivor, I like this board as everyone of all ages comes, and it says alot PM me anytime, sorry for what you have been through Jade
  8. Can Anyone Help?

    OK OK....looking at everything at the store...I am getting confused lol!! I want: http://www.cafepress.com/aftersilence.96698536# So, with this checky thing, how do I like, get it? Ive never ordered off line!!!!!!! Might need a grown up to help me... a whole talk through and all LOL:P
  9. Can Anyone Help?

    Thanks Karen !!!! Jade
  10. Can Anyone Help?

    I dont have a bank account either, would I need one? I only have the money in my pocket. I would get my mum to order online, or anyone with a credit card, but I wouldnt want her knowing if you understand. Any other ideas? Thank you
  11. Can Anyone Help?

    Hello I have tried to contact the moderators, but havent heard anything back, good OR bad, which I am a little fuzzed off about to be honest, I mean. Anyway. I was looking through the AS store and saw a top I really like, anyway, payment wise, I dont have a credit card etc and get cash in hand, plus live in england, is there really no hope of me getting one? As I so badly would love a top If anyone could help would be fab.
  12. Survivor88 Is *still* Surviving

    Welcome back!! Hopefully see you around, Take care, Jade
  13. Hello I'm Kerry!

    Welcome to AS See you around! Jade x
  14. England

    Thank you very much...!!! One question, when it says helpline, does that mean it's confidential and you can talk? Or is it not that!!?? Thanks Jade
  15. New And Nervous

    ((((dolphinchica55)))) A warm welcome to the boards, hope you find healing here We are a supportive friendly bunch and dont bite, it's OK, really! Ever need to talk PM me anytime Jade