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  1. Hey @Maksim and welcome. The young brain dosent always precieve threats or understand impact or the consequence of what's happening at the time and it only later as the brain matures you begin to recognise predatory behaviour for what it was sometimes predators/abusers can manipulate and coerce you into believing you want it or that it was you that started it. The experience has clearly had a lasting impact on you and you have been struggling enough to reach out so I definitely think your in the right place. Talking about my experiences from being young is still pretty new to me and some
  2. Thank you all for your lovely responses, I really appreciate it as sometimes I can feel very isolated, esspecially inside my broken brain. I really appreciate all the kind words, and look forward to hopefully getting to know some of you alittle better :). Thank you @MeBeMary memory can certainly be a mystery sometimes I just wish I could remember all the things I have been threw to take control over them yet other times I'm just greatful I don't need to deal with each individual incident. Thanks @mini.finch I felt like for so long I had a huge secret, and by keeping it secret I push
  3. Hey everyone I'm curly, not really sure what I'm suppose to put here because this is very new to me and has taken a few days to decide to post this. I'm a male CSA survivor in my 20s, I didn't think I would ever speak about my childhood, but about a year ago a separate incident when the one support in my life let me down and I had a mental breakdown during a fit of depression what had happened to me just slipped out since then I have seen 2 Therapist and began talking with my partner and a few close freinds about my childhood, I guess this is my next step. I have found talking about it helps.
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