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  1. Hello and welcome to AS. When I first joined I did not have to much to say either. Take your time if you need to and join in when you get comfortable. So a quick welcome.
  2. Hi welcome to AS nice to meet you.
  3. Hello and Welcome. I hope you find this site as helpful as I have.
  4. Hi Allie2. Welcome to As. This is an awsome support system and has played a big role in my healing process. Sometimes it just helps to have someone who understand around to listen. If you need anything just pm me. Glad to have you here and make another friend.
  5. Welcome it's nice to meet you. I hope you find this site to be as supportive as I did. Safe hugs if ok.
  6. Hi Becky. Welcome to AS. I'm glad you found us. I have found this place very supportive.
  7. A safe nurse at the hospital said to me: "Ok now lets start all over and don't lie this time" One of the police officers on the same night: "Would you take a lie detector test" The same police officer after I passed the test: "Ok we believe you know so can we start at the beginning"
  8. Hello everyone i'm Jessica. I been looking around for a site for survivors for a while and i'm so glad I finally found one. I look forward to meeting everyone. Jessica
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