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  1. @WannaMoveOn wow a live cluedo game sounds so exciting. Please let me know how it works!? And how it was It seems like such a wonderful supportive place. Yes it's very sad people are here with their own stories. I've already read a lot I can relate to
  2. @mini.finchI mainly prefer phone games but my partner has all the playstations from 1-4 and wanting 5 soon. I used to love playing spyro so I might see if I can play that. Pokemon go is really good for me I find and gets me out the house and meeting up with others who play. What kind of music games do you like? Thank you @WannaMoveOnand I'm sorry for you to be here too. That's really nice to hear and feeling much more reassured. Even after being here a couple of days I feel like I've taken the big step to realise I'm not alone. This place feels made for me and exactly what I was looking f
  3. Hi, @snmls @mini.finch @8888 and @Poppy_ Thank you so much, the support in this group and the way people are towards one another is so reassuring and supportive. I'm sorry for what's too bought you all here. I've read a few and already feel like a small weight has been lifted and put into perspective in my head. I am a pokemon go player and I love mind game apps. What games do you play? @mini.finch Thank you all again so much Lrr1
  4. Hello missfrier, Thank you very much and unfortunately here for myself. I found AS when I was looking for exactly this kind of online group as I don't feel ready to talk but want to take steps to recovery and hopefully talk. I feel this is the place to do that and with the support of others. Thank you lrr1
  5. Thank you very much Mary. I feel like I'm starting the right path
  6. Hi, looking for somewhere to start talking and very overwhelmed and feel a little silly at the moment. I love games and animals are everything to me, I'd have a hobby farm if I could. Not sure what else to say but hopefully some help from survivers. Thank you
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