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  1. @Lilo2002 💛 proud of us both for taking this step. I've had a challenging week and I'm glad I dropped in here today to remind myself of this community of support.
  2. We have had some similar experiences! I'm sorry to hear you are struggling. The persistent depression is a huge challenge for me. Luckily, I've had a good week. But these past few months have been hard. I also had a break up in December, and recently had to say goodbye to my dear pet of 11+ years. And balancing a really busy job and school on top of it. I get what you mean about things seemingly going well and still feeling depressed. It gets difficult to find hope in those times. I hope you are being very kind to yourself. (Oh, and I also intend to make a career out of helping othe
  3. Thank you all for such a warm welcome. I feel very grateful to have found this community. 💛
  4. I am a CSA survivor that went on to experience multiple assaults in my adult life. I started talking about it all a few years back and have made a lot of progress in my healing, but still have a lot to work through. While I have gotten to a place where I have a lot of tools to help me through the really hard days, I realized the one thing that I've been struggling the most with lately is feeling profoundly alone; I have wonderful friends that want to be supportive, but do not fully understand the effects of such trauma. I am hoping that connecting with others that have had similar first hand e
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