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  1. Thank you @mini.finch @Capulet and @Poppy_ I appreciate your words! ❤️
  2. Welcome sunflowers, I can't even imagine the trauma you went through. I am glad you found a good therapist that supports you. Sending healing thoughts.
  3. Hi Dee12, I never saw myself as a victim, but just realized what I went through was abuse as well. I found these great journaling prompts that helped me to start writing about what happened. Maybe this can help you in some way https://psychcentral.com/pro/recovery-expert/2017/04/writing-prompts-for-recovery-from-an-abusivetoxic-relationship#1 I am sending healing thoughts to you. You are not alone!
  4. Hello everyone...first of all..after seeing that there over 80k posts in just this section...it makes me so sad that so many people go through abuse. On the other hand I am glad that I found this forum. **I hope I am using the abbreviations correctly** I went through physical abuse by my older brother. My first boyfriend (I was 16) abused me...with now current definition it was R. Bouncing from relationship to relationship I ended up with a narcissistic husband. I ended up having and emotional affair and things went from bad to worse (with physical, emotional and verbal abuse
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