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  1. With lots of completed Mandalas, I cut some out & stuck them on a wall; the first time, without gaps but that was severely migraine-inducing so I had to split them a little Not colouring Mandalas currently lol :)
  2. Hi @Meganificent Glad that you've found your way here :) Great you have your family's support too
  3. Hi @summer2009 Welcome to After Silence; I'm new here too...People seem very kind & supportive...Maybe check out some of the public postings - we can access the Share Our Story forum after posting ourselves on here a few times (x10) There are Mods looking out for newbies posting but unsure about ETA's. Good to see you :)
  4. Hi there @Figs & welcome, I'm new here myself & have been spending time reading through posts, materials & resources. Flashback are tough eh I hope you can find support through the site. I agree with you that a lot of ignorance exists about sexual assault & violation; not on here though, so it's good you arrived & can hopefully start healing :)
  5. Thank you to everyone who welcomed me here! I will be exploring the site & adding to my story; I'm grateful that "doubt" doesn't seem to feature on the site, unless it's self-doubt. I feel accepted so thanks; I'm awaiting input from health providers over questions I raised recently & will ask about trauma counseling too.
  6. Hi Thank you, I have been reading a lot on AS today & whilst I am glad to be among empathic humans with shared experience, I have been overwhelmed by sadness too at times. On a positive, I'm grateful for the opportunity to ask for advise; I've recently been seeking answers IRL from health professionals about matters in my childhood & trying to glean information about my past on very limited resources. One day at a time, as the saying goes.
  7. Hi @Capulet I'm wishing I'd found this community before I did but am very glad to be here now. Thank you.
  8. Hi @Poppy Thank you - I feel calmer reading input from others here on AS & am very glad to have joined.
  9. Thank you...I am glad & relieved to be here & I hope to learn from others too...If my words ever help anyone else, that will be a special bonus
  10. Hi, to all here at A.S. My journey has brought me here, in late middle age although it began early years. I have been working mainly solo, for approx 15 years.. I experienced most of the 'expected negative outcomes' of an unsupported survivor before I knew such outcomes were even researched. I am reading & learning from the input of others here. Thanks for being this space.
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