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  1. @WannaMoveOn Thank you so much for your kind words.
  2. What has been your journey to understanding the abuse with vague memories? Is there anything that helped you accept it happened or work through it without clear memories? It's something I still wrestle with, though I believe deep down my father was sexually abusive. My older sister was the first one long ago to say my father abused her, but at the time I didn't believe it happened because I didn't have memories. But as I got older I started having dreams, I have PTSD and many other symptoms connected with sexual abuse.
  3. @MeBeMary @8888 @mini.finch @ToyahW Thank you for your kind, loving, and supportive responses It is so nice to connect with you all here.
  4. Hi all. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and incest as I was sexually abused by my father. It's been a long slow journey to the recognition that it happened and the path to healing. Over time I have been more open about being a survivor of abuse, so close people in my life know about it. The abuse has permeated every area of my life and negatively affected relationships with myself, family members, friends and my marriage. I was always too scared to face the abuse and thought I couldn't handle it until a life changing event happened that showed me my inner strength. I read how im
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