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Status Updates posted by Finchy

  1. Really overwhelmed with work rn. I was sent so many projects. :( How can I do them all?

    1. Finchy


      Thank you for the encouragement @Enigma87. ❤️ I'm trying. I still have 3 projects to do...one due tomorrow, maybe 2 due tomorrow actually, and one due wednesday. They're time-consuming and stressful. But I am working on one thing at a time.  

      I am doing ok...still feeling overwhelmed, but I know I'll get through things somehow! :sweat:

    2. Enigma87


      I’m sorry you have so much on your plate. :( I’m glad to hear you’re doing okay, although still overwhelmed. I’m glad you are reaching out to us here though. We are with you and I wish you success in getting your projects done. ❤️ Still sitting with you and sending my support!

    3. redadmirals


      I'm hoping you are feeling better, mini!

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  2. *sending safe hugs to those in need*

    1. Enigma87


      Aww, how kind of you💕 I could use them tonight. Sending some back to you as well:hug:

    2. Finchy


      Thank you for the hugs back @Enigma87. ❤️ I needed them today. I'm glad the hugs helped you last night. :hug:

    3. Field8
  3. Could use some hugs right now, if anyone has some to spare. :needahug:

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    2. Field8


      How are you feeling today?

    3. Finchy


      @Field8 I am doing ok. Minus migraine and chronic pains. Some anxiety but not as bad. Thank you for asking. :)

    4. Field8


      I’m so sorry about the migraines. I have horrible ones to the point I had to take medical disability. Take care.

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