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  1. Oh dear, I'm sorry your doggo did that! :( Ouchies! Sounds like you really got hurt...poor thing. I hope you heal up quickly. Have you been putting ice on your bruises? Reminds me of a couple years ago when Lily bolted down the driveway, and I tripped, falling on the pavement...hurt my knee pretty badly (it still acts up sometimes). We love our dogs no matter what though, but they sure can cause unintended damage!

    Sending you healing vibes, sweet Cap! ❤️ 

  2. Sending you lots support, huggles, and comfort on this very distinct trauamaversary. It's quite the milestone...and it's so horrible that after all these years, there's still so much pain. I wish that there wasn't. I wish you didn't feel the pain still when fall arrives. :comfort: I hope that one October 4th you WILL be able to wake up with a smile on your face, and you WILL be able to look around at the changing foliage and absorb the beauty...but until then, you have our support. It's ok to lean on your loved ones if you need the company. We're all here for you, Cap. ❤️ 

  3. Sending you lots and lots of support and healing vibes. 💜 I'm sorry your mom is so unwell. :( I will keep her in my prayers. The doctors will do all they can to get her well. And no matter what, please don't blame yourself. No one will blame you. You couldn't have predicted the severity. You did your best. None of this is your fault. *sends you lots of comfort* I wish you and your mom the best. 

  4. I'm so glad that your T is so great! She sounds awesome. I'm so happy you have her. :) It's the best feeling to have a therapist that truly cares and helps you.

    I'm also super proud of you for your milestone! It's really big, and you deserve to brag. ❤️ 

    I hope the retreat goes well! I'm not sure when you're going? Or if it already started? But I really hope that you find it helpful. I think writing at the end of everyday is a good idea. 

    I wish you the best!!

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