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  1. Hope your doing okay today mini , safe hugs :hug:if ok?

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    2. Finchy


      @Free2Fly You're welcome. 🤗

      Ah yeah...that makes sense. Also makes sense about crying. I'm not fond of people asking that question either. So I get it. *safe hugs* Just know that if you need to cry, it's ok. You can tell us and reach out whenever you need to.

    3. Free2Fly



      yeah I'm sorry you can relate, I find it hard to cry even when people aren't around.

      sometimes I find it hard to reach out especially about some of the problem I have .

    4. Finchy


      It's ok, @Free2Fly. Even if you don't want to be specific, just asking for sitters or something when you're feeling like that might help. :) Just do what you're comfy with doing. We're here for you regardless.

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