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  1. I feel unbelieved by my psychiatrist. I just had a tough appointment. I feel like I was explaining things over and over again, and he didn't believe me. I had to keep talking. I'm feeling very exhausted and anxious now. *sigh*

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    2. Finchy


      Thank you so much @Enigma87. ❤️ You're such a kind friend. I appreciate it. I'm doing a little better...still thinking and rethinking the conversation though. Like should I have said something else, explained it better, not brought anything up at all? 😕 

    3. orangegiraffe


      I'm sorry he made you feel like that, you deserve better than to be treated that way ❤️

      Sitting with you and sending safe hugs if okay? :bighug: 

    4. Finchy


      Thank you @orangegiraffe. ❤️ I appreciate you sitting with me and sending hugs. :hug:

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