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  1. Having bad anxiety today. Could use some hugs and sitters.

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    2. Field8


      How did everything go?

    3. Finchy


      Thank you so much @Field8, @WendyAlone, and @sisyphus. You're all so sweet. ❤️ Truly it's MY honor to know you all.

      Thanks for asking, Fieldy. It went ok-ish...as I thought, my doctor put me down about my weight. Insisted I change my eating habits and exercise more. She also still refused to believe I have as many migraines as I do. I need to get a new doctor. 

    4. sisyphus


      Ugh. Why don't doctors believe us? 

      I did finally find a trauma sensitive doctor, same way I did with the therapist. I made a list of standards and discussed that I have medical trauma before making the appointment. It still took a couple of tries.

      Blessings with healing your body! 


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