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  1. Wow thank you all for your kind words! Very much needed. Thank you for the suggestions as well. I am currently in therapy but its new so it will take time. I felt like therapy was the 1st start. Finding this group was the 2nd step. And I pulled out my canvases so I can start painting. Yesterday I allowed myself to be sad all day. I worked a half day and laid in bed, only pulling myself out to make dinner for my family and put on a happy face for them. I put my sadness in perspective and I know now why I was so sad. Today is a new day...a better day than yesterday. I'm not so emotio
  2. I'm grateful for finding this forum and I'm hopeful that I can find the support I'm looking for and or offer support to someone else. I'm am419 and I am extremely sad. I shouldn't be, I have a perfect life...with the exception of my abuse that keeps popping up to say "hi, I'm still here ". Without going into detail, how do you heal from trauma that happened years ago? How do you make the sadness go away? How do you not transfer your sadness to your child? How do you reconnect with your family who didn't protect you? Thanks for your time, and this outlet to speak and be re
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