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  1. Novu

    #it's not OK

    Thank you - I think some company would be good right now, I just can't get my thoughts to quieten down tonight.
  2. Novu

    #it's not OK

    #it's not okay that nothing feels okay any more
  3. Thank you @WannaMoveOn - I still feel quite conflicted about someone else knowing, and whilst I guess that probably is quite normal that doesn't mean it makes it any more comfortable.
  4. Thank you everyone for being so welcoming!
  5. Thank you both for the lovely welcomes I think you're right Toyah; in that the more we try to talk about it all, the less power it will have. But I'm also a bit worried that it might give it more at least initially.
  6. Hello, I'm not really sure how to introduce myself here or what the normal etiquette is in this type of situation. I never used to be an anxious person but I tend to worry a lot more than I used to now. I'm Novu (at least on here) and I'm a survivor who 3 years on still struggles to talk about what happened and has actually only managed to tell 1 person. I'm hoping that finding a supportive community to be part of will help me move forward with this.
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