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  1. Hi @blove Thank you for sharing a little of your story with us, you've come to the right place. I am deeply sorry that you have suffered at the hands of a parent and I hope you find some peace and serenity. My family abuse was a little different to yours, but all the same it left me with major trust issues, both women and men, and PTSD which I'm still working with every day. Welcome to this amazing community I only found a few weeks back, but the lightness I felt knowing I was with people who understand was almost instant. Take care of yourself and reach out any t
  2. Hi Novu Welcome, I'm a newbie too so I think we've both come to the right place. I'm so sorry that you have been suffering in silence and that you had to suffer at all. Like you, I struggle to find the language, right time, right place, right person to share. I've told the police, my T (therapist), 2 T's in fact and I'm in AA so my AA sponsor knows. I'm still debating with myself around who needs to know and why. Perhaps speaking on here will make it easier to keep it private elsewhere but sometimes I think the more I tell, the less power it has, like my AA status. Hhhm, the debate c
  3. @snmls Thank you. I will share my story as I’ve learned through a program I’m in that identification with other who’ve experienced similar trauma or situations is incredibly important and helping others also helps me. I’m glad to have found the site as there seems very little here in Australia. Be well Toyah
  4. Thank you @8888 I appreciate you responding and your offer to answer any questions I have. Toyah
  5. Thanks @MeBeMary Lovely to meet you and thanks for the welcome. I haven’t managed to tell any of my friends & family yet so sharing with others here is releasing some of the pressure of keeping this secret. That’s really helpful. I hadn’t found that legal page/area yet. I’ll have a read through today. Be well Toyah
  6. Thanks @WannaMoveOn nice to meet you. I’d be keen to hear people’s experiences regarding the legal interpretation of consent as this is the bone of contention in my case. Any suggestions on where to go? I read through all the reporting posts but I’m curious about this particular point. I’m assuming our laws are similar to US but not positive.
  7. Hi everyone. just got access and was reading through some of the posts, particularly those on reporting - yes or no? I did but early days in the process. it’s great to be part of a community that understands and I look forward to contributing and getting some guidance too. I’m in Australia (Victoria), early 50’s and a survivor. ToyahW
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