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    Learning how to be human. Healing and self-growth through painting, drawing, journaling, animals, nature, plants, love.

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  1. Thank you all very much for the warm welcome. I really appreciate your kind words and support. Sorry I was too anxious to log on for a week to say thank you. I do feel encouraged to worry less about posting because of how kind everyone is. Love and blessings to you all 💗
  2. Hello all. I'm new here. I joined a few weeks ago and finally worked up the courage to log in and post. I'm happy to have found this forum; the people here seem very supportive. I've been working through most of the SA I've survived as a teen/adult for 7 years now, but I hadn't been making much progress until last month, when I finally came to realize and accept that what happened to me during my childhood by my family was CSA. This has opened up a sort of Pandora's box for me, and now I'm unraveling repressed memories that are coming up, and my depression and other symptoms are getting
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