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  1. *t* Hi, Im The New Girl!

    welcome to AS and if you are the atomicbetty that goes into depresson room on talkcity, HI, i'm one of the ops in that room and am glad to see you found this place i, too, dissociate so if ya ever want to talk, pm me here or (if you are the one from talkcity) catch me there also
  2. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    from my sister, who was also abused "well i am fine, why do YOU need counseling?"....uh can we say DENIAL! her life is so screwed up it is unbelievable!
  3. "after Silence"

    i've only been a member for a short time, but AS means.....i am not alone, others have been where i am, and i am free! free to talk about it, free to finally be a survivor rather than a victim, and free to define myself as opposed to "IT" defining me!...
  4. Looking In A Mirror

    gonna print this out if that's ok, every time i get into the "self-hatred" mode, i will look at this and remind myself........it was NOT my fault!!!!!
  5. New Here

    i'm pretty much of a newbie myself but this is way beyond a cool site! i have recieved more support here then i ever imagined possible, and i am also sharing more with my therapist just because i know i am not alone...welcome and glad you found us
  6. New

    it is NOT and i repeat NOT your fault in any way shape or form, unless you can read minds you had no idea...HE is the one who is at fault, by the way, i am rather new here myself and this place has helped me more in the last few days than almost 5 years of therapy (i am now with a therapist who i am happy with, but it took me 5 years to find her)..if you are not in therapy, i would recommend giving it a try when you are ready (but not until you are) i hope you find help and comfort here
  7. Hello

    wow i feel so glad to have found y'all, (wish i had sooner but oh well) thought i'd tell a little bit more about me, i am divorced and have been for going on 9 years now, my kids are 20, 18, 16, 14, and 12, the 4 oldest are boys, then my "lil sugar bug" is the youngest and only daughter, the 20yr old lives with me full time and is looking for work (he has asperger's syndrome), my 18 yr old heads off to college this month on an academic scholarship, the other 3 split their time between myself and my ex, i am now a full time student myself, studying social work, uh.... that's all for now, not used to talking about myself that much i guess
  8. Hello

    thank you all for the warm welcome, it might take me awhile to get the hang of things here (i am semi computer illiterate) but i'll give it my best
  9. Hello

    Hi, i am a survivor of abuse by parents, found this site by accident but hope to become a regular, i haven't found any other site with such promise, this one looks good, Mom_of_5