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    I'm interested in everything really. I love politics, I think that most people don't realise the importance of the law; in my opinion two things affect human behaviour - legislation and integrity. <br /><br />I'm interested in the differences/similarities between men and women.<br /><br />My favourite activity is thinking - I like to understand everything and I like to help those whose intentions are good and teach those whose intentions are questionable.

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  1. Hi, I'm New To This Site

    Delisa28 Hello, I'm new to this too. Unlike you, I was raped ten years ago by three men, while I waited for it to come to trial I was raped by a co-worker who knew that I couldn't do anything about it and I was sexually abused as a child by my uncle. I know exactly how you feel. It's probably very difficult to think about the actual event right now. After I was raped by those guys, one thing sticks out in my mind - I didn't feel comfortable touching my body. I remember being in the shower and using a sponge instead of my hands to wash myself because I just didn't want to touch my own body. You are going to go through many stages; in my opinion it is similar to grieving. I grieved for the loss of my 'old self' and one day I awoke to realise that I'm still me and these experiences have just given me a greater understanding of myself, my strength and I hope that you find someone close to you with whom you feel comfortable enough to share your REAL thoughts and not keep anything to yourself. Writing things down is good as it feels as though you're getting something 'out of your system' without actually having to tell someone what's going on in your head. But, I must advise you that the problem with rape is that it is sexual and embarrassing and somehow it feels strange talking about it. Don't feel strange. Tell someone. Right now you need someone whom you trust to listen to you and try to make you feel better. My thoughts are with you. You will certainly have to fight this thing to get justice, but never forget that you WILL get justice and all it takes is patience. What he did was awful and it does not matter that you brought him back to your place, it does not matter that you didn't report it straight away - all that matters is that he has committed a crime of the worst kind and you must NEVER forget that. Libby