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  1. Vinsami

    I'm new

    @karin, I’m so glad you found us. I just joined a week ago and it has been life changing. Just sharing with people who understand, who don’t need an explanation or justification, is a relief. I hope you find the same here.
  2. I’m so sorry you’re in a precarious place, and I hope you find support here. There’s post about having a sort of emergency bag for when you’re feeling overwhelmed. I tried to find it but couldn’t. @8888, are you able to locate the post I mean? Basically you make a bag of comforting, grounding things. I put my fav stuffed animal, some fav snacks, a celebrity magazine, and some drawings from my nieces so far. I’m so happy you found us. We’re all in this together
  3. Hi Cece, Welcome! I think you’re going to find a lot of support here, as I did. I’m so sorry for what you went thru, but I’m glad you shared with your parents who are helping you. A lot of us can’t tell our parents out of fear of a lot of things, and I’m so glad you have them. I’m here to support on your way to healing.
  4. Vinsami

    Kinda New

    Hi M34, You are not alone. We are all here bc someone, or more than one, devastated us. They’ve taken and they’ve given—they’ve taken our happiness, our feelings of safety, and given us fear, horror, and shame. But we are here bc we want to overcome, and I’m so proud of you for making it here. I come here to not feel alone, and so far I have found that and more. I’m sorry for what you’ve gone thru and what you still carry. I believe in you and your strength. We can make it thru this
  5. Thank you all for your welcoming and for moderating this most important community.
  6. Hello, that sounds so incredibly difficult. Have you thought about couples counseling to navigate through this? It seems some support would go a long way.
  7. I’ve had a similar experience in therapy. I still can’t name what happened to me. But this forum already feels like a monumental step. I don’t think we should feel bad about feeling joy in finding this community. We’ve all been suffering in silence at one point or another, and to find others who get it is a blessing. I’m happy you’re here
  8. I relate so much to what you wrote. I’ve dissociated since I was young too, and it was my body that told me who my perpetrator (at least the first one) was. I feel like my body is not my own, but I also have deep faith in the healing process, and that one day I will know what it’s like to inhabit myself safely and securely. Thank you for sharing your story. It really is a gift to know what we experience isn’t isolated, and that we can move thru this pain in solidarity.
  9. Yes, the secret. It makes me angry sometimes, esp looking at how my violators have moved on with their lives like nothing happened. I feel for you. It’s not a secret here. That’s why I love the name of this forum, After Silence. We’re in this together.
  10. To get to this point of looking for help. I never wanted to put a name to what happened to me. I still can’t say it. But my body is telling me I can’t handle this on my own anymore. I’m struggling with a lot of anxiety and even panic attacks sometimes. But I am thankful that my body is shouting at me to do something. To start to heal. I’m currently looking for a program for group and individual therapy. I’m really happy I found this place. I’ve already benefited from it, like the advice do have a sort of “bug out” bag. I’m putting one together of my fav comforts. I’m looking forward
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