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  1. Hi all thankyou so much for your kind words and support I will certainly be having a read through everything and posting when I feel ready but it’s nice to know I’m not alone I’m just sorry we all have to get to know each other under these circumstances.
  2. Hi all I’m Megan, I was raped 16 years ago over a period of a year and I’m only just beginning to deal with everything now. It turns out avoiding it and burying it wasn’t the best idea so I’m trying to process it all, as well as all the affects it’s had and still has on me now. I’m currently in therapy (just a couple months in). But haven’t shared or told anyone about it other then my therapist who has recommended a support group so here I am. Please be patient with me I’m really struggling at the moment but I’m glad to have been accepted and hope I can help you all as much as you can help me.
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