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  1. @missfrier Thank you so much for the welcome and support! I'm glad to be here and it's already making me feel less alone. This seems like a very good community; I'm glad I found it. @WannaMoveOn I know I already responded to your message, but I wanted to thank you here as well! I very much appreciate your support. Being believed has been a huge problem for me, as no one around me believes me, so I think it will be very helpful to be here. I'm also a firm believer in helping others, so that will be good as well. @MeBeMary Thank you for your sympathies and your support! I
  2. Hello all, I have recently begun to start my healing journey and have come here looking to find support and to connect with others who have gone through similar experiences. I do not have much support in real life aside from therapy. I would also like to support others and share in moments of joy and sorrow - whatever it may be. I wish to learn about myself, be able to share my story and experiences, listen to others, and become a better person along the way. I am honestly kind of nervous to be here, but I am taking a step. I am trying my hardest to have as much hope as I can. Thank you f
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