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  1. I am so sorry that you experienced that.. I have had memories at least foggy... I remembered the event, but I couldn’t remember the abuser’s name or what he looked like. Until recently.. I found the yearbook online.. and when I saw his face... I panicked.. heart was racing... breathing fast... vivid memory of the event... racing thoughts... it had to be him.
  2. Welcome @karin. I joined earlier this month and I have found quite a bit of encouragement here. You are not alone. Just knowing that helps a lot.
  3. I wish I would journal more..it’s not always easy to find the time to do this. Look forward to future blogs!
  4. Welcome @Alfred day by day... yes that is my approach too. I have been broken too in so many ways. Hope you will find encouragement here. I started here about the same time.
  5. Feeling a little lonely tonight. 

    1. Field8


      We are here. What is going on?

    2. Eph320NY


      I am going to write a post about it

  6. Enjoyed a very nice 2.5 mile walk today


    1. Capulet


      Lovely!!  Glad you and your pup enjoyed yourselves!

    2. snmls


      Nice. I enjoy long walks with my dog too. Though I have to push him in a stroller because he's stubborn.  

  7. Therapeutic chocolate... this would last a long time!


  8. My dog Oreo


    1. abhaya


      Such a cute pup!

    2. Field8


      Adorable ❤️

    3. snmls


      Such a cutie! Thanks for sharing. 

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