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  1. I wish I could say you can’t hurt me anymore but currently it’s you have destroyed my life and it works for several people
  2. @jordanc0856 Fear is a natural reaction with what you have been through. Repression was your way of coping at the time. It is very scary to begin your healing journey but it will be worth it in the end. You are so brave to make your post. Please know you are not alone. We are all here to support you and sit with you during your times of fear and anxiety. We are here to support your triumphs as well. Healing is an emotional roller coaster. I understand your fear. I’ve been seeing my T for over 2 years now and still haven’t managed to get to all the heavy stuff. Every time we would discuss
  3. @LisaButterfly Welcome! I’m a newer member myself and I’ve received lots of support. It’s been helpful for me knowing I’m not alone and that others feel the same way as me. At times I feel like I’m going crazy and this group helps me realize I’m not and that my feelings are normal given the situation. Although the things that brought us all here are horrible and should not happen to anyone, I’m grateful for the support from everyone on here. Remember it’s okay to share as little or as much as you want. This is your journey and you decide how it’s going to go. Be gentle to yourself during
  4. Thank you everyone! I feel so supported by everyone and that really helps so much!
  5. Hi everyone. I’m literally in tears typing this now. The anxiety is unreal. I’m trying to deal with my trauma and have been in counseling for 2 years. Sometimes I feel like I’m never gonna heal. It’s incredibly hard for me to share. I don’t easily trust and have lots off walls built up but I’m trying not to let my fear control my life anymore. Sometimes I question if I was born just to see how much pain one person can take. I’m hoping maybe talking to others who can understand my pain will help me with my process of healing.
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