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  1. Hello everyone! Phew it’s been a while since I came to visit . I have good news tho I graduated with the the congratulations of the jury and earned my bachelor degree as well as my CAE from Cambridge . 

    Although I’ve been doing okay for the past few weeks , summer is always hard for me . Today is the anniversary of my wedding , when my parents sold me to my rapist . I would be glad to have someone sit me with me through this . 

    I apologize to all friends I haven’t messaged back in a while , I promise to come back to you shortly and I love you all dearly . 💓

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    2. KendraPal33


      Congratulations on getting your degrees. This is so encouraging and inspiring!

    3. seong98


      @KendraPal33 thank you so sooo much!!! And nice to meet you 🥰💕

    4. feralcat


      Sitting with you Seong… for the good stuff like celebrating you getting your degree (!), as well as for the sad and difficult stuff… Here with you…  💙



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