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  1. Hello everyone ! How are you all doing ? I haven’t been here for a while , I was really busy with school and overall I was in a very bad place mentally . I thought about reaching out but I think I also needed some time alone . I’ve been slowly getting better and today I turned 23 . I don’t really care about my birthday , but I wanted to share my birthday wish with you . I wish for everyone here on AS , women , men and non-binary , to find a deep and everlasting love for themselves . I know how easy it is to let the self-loathing become the standard to how we see ourselves and how we think people see us . But it is not , all of you , no matter what you look like , are valid and beautiful . The scars physical or emotional will never take away the purity of your hearts and whoever destroyed or shattered your poor souls will never find solace . I wish for everyone to realize how important they are , how they matter , to me , to their friends , to their families , to their neighbors , their pets and anyone you have encountered who forgot to remind you how essential you are for them , not because they find you useful/helpful but simply because you are yourself . Which leads me to the last part of my wish (yeah it’s a long one) , I wish for everyone to realize that they are lovable ; I know we all struggle with this notion , often because we think “who could love me? There is nothing to love about me” I struggle with this too . But we are , there is so much to love about us , despite all your struggles and pain you are all so radiant . And again I wish for you to fall in love with yourself .

    I hope next year when I turn 24 , you will all come back to this little post , me included , and realize how much progress you have made . Wether it feels like stepping forward or backward it is still progress because healing isn’t linear . I hope when next year when I turn 24 , this pandemic will be over and you will all get much more stability when it comes to job , school , relationships (family , significant other , etc. etc.) and mental health . Whatever I do on my birthday , wether I’m eating a little cake or eating candies , I’ve always shared with others so I’m sharing with you all this little birthday wish , and I hope with all my heart it will become true (duh of course it will 🙄) . Take care everyone , love you all!

    (Oh and I know some survivors don’t celebrate birthdays because of their religious/spiritual beliefs , it’s okay my wish apply to you anyway HEHEHE , and sorry for the mistakes of course).

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    2. abhaya


      Happy birthday, @seong98!  Thank you for sharing your beautiful birthday wish for all of us (including you!).  May it come true! 🙂

    3. Butterfly2166


      Hope you had a great birthday! I’m sorry you were struggling. I’m glad you are doing better now! Thank you for sharing your wish with us!

    4. seong98


      Thank you all for the birthday wishes , sorry I’m so late to reply . It’s good to be back and see/hear from you all again and to meet new friends . I hope everyone is doing well , love you all 💕


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