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  1. Struggling a lot tonight . Body memories , flashbacks and nightmares ... all I can hear is my mom saying « you reap what you sow » over and over ....

    1. Enigma87


      Aw friend, I’m sorry you’re struggling tonight :( We are here for you. I hope you know that phrase your mom used does not apply to your abuse and what happened to you in any way! Your abusers are fully to blame. I am sending you hugs and support! 💕:hug:I am also sitting with you.

    2. MeBeMary


      I'm sorry you are struggling and I'm sorry those words of your mom is haunting you right now. Those words are so out of context with abuse...this is something done to you, not something you did. You did nothing wrong and you do not deserve any of these things. Not a single one!

      Sitting with you and supporting you, seong. Sending positive thoughts your way, in hopes these struggles ease soon.

      :hug: if ok.

    3. AKB


      I'm so sorry you hear your mom's voice too being unkind. I don't believe her. Sending you so much strength. 💜

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