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  1. seong98

    Just tired

    Oh @abhaya , we return you all this kindness you have sent our ways . Please take some time to take care of yourself . From your words I can feel your exhaustion, I hope you have counselor/therapist you can talk to about the violent flashback you’ve had . Listen to your body and your mind , we will be here to celebrate with you when you ovecome this and to support you whenever you feel like it’s too hard to do so . Sitting with you and sending love and kindness your way ❤️
  2. seong98

    So Lost

    Hello , I’m also very sorry for your loss , I know we all deal with grief differently and sometimes it takes years . I lost my grandfather few years ago and I’m still not completely over it . But eventually , sadly, you get used to it . You never forget them , there’s a bit of them everywhere but just know that she is now in a better place and looking out for you . I don’t know the whole story and maybe that’s why I don’t understand why you blame yourself but it’s not your fault . Not at all. Sending you all my best wishes and support and if you need to talk I will gladly listen . (Sorry for the mistakes english is not my first language)
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