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  1. Hi @Maryphanalia I love crafts too!  Maybe if you feel comfortable, you might choose to post about some of your favorites, there's a forum for creativity here, and I love it when people post drawings and other fun stuff!  I love crochet, drawing, hand lettering, and singing, myself (and probably a dozen more other things I experiment with from time to time). Welcome!  I hope you and your friend find a comfortable supportive place here (I know I feel that way for sure). 🙂

  2. Hi @Gerty

    I'm sorry for what you have gone through that brought you here, and i hope you find it a good supportive place.  I'm new-ish too, and I have found the community to be really welcoming and kind.  Don't feel pressure to share anything unless/until you're ready. I'm glad to meet you.  🙂

  3. Hi @JustCats and welcome to AS.  I'm so sorry for what you went through, it sounds really confusing and hard to have to carry that around.  I am sad you had a reason to come to this site, but I'm glad to meet you!  Sending support and a friendly wave!


  4. Hi @Zoe--Anastasia and welcome to AS.  I'm new too, and similar things brought me here.  It seems like a really welcoming place and people are supportive and nice. I'm sorry that things happened to you that were so painful, but I'm glad you found your way here.  You are not alone. 🙂

  5. Hi everyone,

    I just joined this forum and figured I'd post a short introduction. I am a survivor of CSA, DV, and spiritual abuse (not all in the same setting/relationship), and as part of trying to understand what happened I went on and got a graduate degree in counseling... but I have never felt comfortable really speaking openly about my story or even identifying as a survivor except with very close friends. I have worked with therapists one on one over the years, but I have recently started to see that there is something stopping me from moving forward in my own healing journey and I think it has to do with continuing to keep the secrets of my abuse, so I'm hoping that a peer support connection will be a good option to continue my healing.  I am lucky to have a kind and supportive partner, and am generally doing ok day-to-day, my abuse history is thankfully well in my rear view mirror now, but I still struggle with trauma symptoms and anxiety.  I have hesitated to seek support in a peer group setting in my local area because as a therapist myself I don't want to be in a group setting that prevents one of my clients from themselves seeking support due to dual relationship ethics, so I'm here solely as a fellow survivor, doing my best. Thanks for creating these forums.





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