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  1. I wrote about my dental appointment yesterday, I know it's a lot of writing, but I could use a little support if folks would be willing to comment on it, please?

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    2. abhaya


      I don't mean to complain... I think I just feel so vulnerable sharing these things sometimes, and I know I write a LOT when I do... but then there's a part of me remembers what it was like to be invisible and I start to wonder if I've done something wrong or offended people....  I know that's not real, and that people here are good... but then I just feel so dang clingy and needy to want responses... <shrug> Anyway, I get myself all tangled and I know it's not necessary, just old programming... Thanks for listening and responding.

    3. BrightSide


      Your not complaining your reaching for support - a sign of fighting to heal. Im glad you are!

    4. abhaya


      Thanks for the reframe, I've gotten pretty in my head about this one.  That's really helpful.

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