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  1. WELCOME BACK!!!! nika
  2. yes milly, you deserve to be here. you are not at all the only one on this site that taught a little brother or sister. we were all just kids. please feel welcomed to share here. we are here to support you and help you, not judge you. hugs to you! nika PS- as for your brother, you can not change the past, but you can help him now.
  3. my inner child is waking up. i want to murder her...but i cant so i locked her up
  4. nika

    Hi All

    hi and welcome from nika
  5. i had a hard time talking at first too. this is an incredibly supportive place and eventually i was able to open up here. Hope you find the support you need.
  6. nika


    hi and welcome! hope you can find support here!!
  7. welcome to AS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! feel free to look around and enjoy!
  8. nika

    New Here

    im so glad you found us here. you are welcome here!!!
  9. I hope you can find what you are looking for here. Welcome!
  10. welcome to AS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. i was pretty sure that i would have a hard time posting. my advice would be to head over to the humor and silliness thread. they have a lot fo games and such that require one word posts. that coudl help you get the hang of it. and then as you get to know people you could try the other forums..? im glad you are here! nika
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