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  1. "And how about that wife whose husband tells her (you may place me in this category) that if she's not having the shit beat out of her on a regular basis, then she has no reason to complain? She has everything she needs - a roof over her head, a spouse that provides, what's she got to complain about? When in reality, she has a lot indeed to be upset about, that initial definition of domestic violence, that definition that doesn't quite apply, is blocking any and all rational thought beyond what you've already defined. If this is you, and you're also that person dealing with a verbally abusive spouse, please know that you're in JUST as much danger as you would be if your spouse is throwing punches - and you don't deserve that shit! You DON'T, no matter how much they may make you feel that you do." Wow...first time really coming to terms with "abuse" in my marriage. I don't know what to do. For years I've said it's no big deal, I love him. But I can't take it anymore. I feel stuck. We've been together since I was 16, now 37. We've got 5 kids and I've not worked in 7 years, therefore no income=no way to leave. My love for him has certainly dwindled and he sees nothing wrong in our relationship or anything he's done/doing. He is a "good guy", works hard to provide, and until this recent realization, I would say I didn't think he was physically or verbally abusing me, but spousal rape is abuse! And the things he says that always make me feel like everything's my fault, I'm a bad wife for not wanting to have sex all the time, and no one else will love me like he does. Where do I start to pick up the pieces of my broken life/relationship?
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