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  1. Thank you all for your words of acceptance, positivity, and hope! I am doing alright today. Some times during the day are better then others. Sometimes I get angry, then I tend to blame myself or find ways of how the situation could have been avoided, but then I remind myself that it was a shitty person that did it to me and if that person didn’t see the opportunity to be shitty then it wouldn’t have happened. So I do struggle at times with that and just have flashbacks, memories, etc. I am thankful that I have a cpl close friends that I disclosed to and realized that one of the people who I t
  2. Hello everyone! I rather have not had to meet so many wonderful people this way, but I’m glad there’s groups out here that are here to help. Saturday morning I was sexually assaulted by a person I considered a close friend for years. I can’t help but to put self blame on myself for being intoxicated- though I went to sleep alone that night so I thought I was safe. Anyways, the doctor said if she were me she would take the PEP pills for extra prevention, so here I am 3 days in. I feel like everytime I take them it brings back memories as to WHY- on top of all the other memories from that night.
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