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  1. i appreciate all the support ever one is giving me I'm star'ting to get better day by day by my wonderful support system
  2. thank you very much for having my back. i think this is a good start to recovery. i hope that everyone is as nice as you are and talk to you soon i hope
  3. this is my first time in a group like these i'm kind off new at these please be patient i am a 38 yrold woman with a intellectual disability. i have a full time job that i love to hate lol my boyfriend is a truck driver and we are doing the long distance thing for now. we will be living together in december. im also enrolled in evening college classes to be a veterinary tech. im here to meet friends hopefully and to gather support for what happened to me earlier this year. idk how to go forward having this in my mind all the time. im trying to forget that and move on with my life and this is my first step. if anyone could help me navigate the site and give me a little help id appreciate it. thanks in advance you guys! 😝😝😝😝😝😆😆
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