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  1. So first off: English isn't my first language, and if there are mistakes and if my language gets wobbly, I sincerely apologize. Hi! I'm a survivour who hadn't known what had happened for 6 years after it did, and after that it took another year to seek professional and medical help. I'm still not completely well, but just accepting my trauma and being able to name it out loud (if to a very small handful of people) feels liberating. I hope After Silence is a place where I can finally open up and connect with fellow survivours. I don't know of any survivour support groups where I live, so the internet was my only option. Besides, it isn't required to show my face here, which makes sharing less scary. I'm still struggling, paying attention to myself and my needs is still hard, but I find comfort in different forms of art I enjoy making: writing, sewing (by hand, I've begun it only recently so still a newbie), knitting, making chainmaille jewelry. Also I love playing certain videogames when I can. Breaking my silence is what I would love to do, and I feel like I'm reaching that point. Thank you all for being here and making After Silence such a welcome community.
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