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  1. isawabird


    Hi everyone. It took me quite some time to make my way to this site. It wasn’t anything I’d ever head of until I did some of my own research because all the resources people gave me just didn’t seem to be what I needed. I’m hoping AS will be different and more beneficial to my healing. I have had a long history with abuse, but nothing ever seemed too bad and unbearable until one instance 4 years ago. I will eventually post about that, but I’m not ready just yet. I got some help from a local organization and that support group saved my life. When I moved away, I was never able to find the
  2. Hi @PumpkinPanda I’m glad you found your way to this forum. I’m new and really want to find some support because I feel like that’s the biggest thing I’m lacking in my healing journey. At the same time, I want to provide whatever support I can as well. Just know that I’m here if you ever need a friend or even just a friendly ear. Hopefully soon things will get better and easier for you.
  3. Hi. I’m glad you found your way to this forum. It took me a long time and multiple “situations” to bring myself here. I have friends who have DID and are also survivors. While I do not know about it from first-hand experience, know that I am very understanding and always here to talk if you feel that you need a friend or just a friendly ear. I hope things get better or at least easier for you soon.
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