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  1. Hello everyone...I'm CC, nice to meet you all and i hope you're all well / healing. I've never reached out for help but after numerous breakdowns i know I'm ready and i need to before i lose my head. It makes me extremely uncomfortable writing this but I'm searching for anyone, someone to speak to about things going on in my head right now and maybe someone can recognize the same feelings or offer guidance. I can't afford online counseling and I'm desperate for it lol. (1st world problems eh?) Ive been remembering 'experiences' and smells..tastes..that sicken me. I was 15 when these things occurred and i cant believe it still affects me. I know it wasn't a normal relationship, i was groomed, love bombed, used, manipulated, and sexually abused until i turned 16. He was 22. I have had dreams and intrusive deep thoughts about situations from this time. Thanks for reading if you did and im here for ANYONE who wants to speak or have a friend. Peace and love.
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