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  1. Hello, my name is Christina, I'm 24 and I've been dealing with my recovery through more than ten years. It's been easier with time, but there has been some events in the last year that had been making some noise in my head for a while. A friend of mine had intended to sexual assaulted me and months later a "close friend" had told me in a discussion that he hoped that someday I get raped. It has been hard to trust again in people around me, specially in men. But I started dating a few months ago a really nice guy that has been really supportive with every aspect of my life and trying to be there for me while I recover. I've been trying to get better since those events happened, but I have trust issues and I'm scared of some parts of intimacy again. I would like to feel strong again and to believe that there are good people surrounding me. So I'm here to try to get support while I make what is on my hands to be at a more stable state of mine.
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