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  1. Hello welcome to AS....im chantal and if u ever want to talk bout anything just PM me , always listening and we r all here 4 u
  2. Hello bewitched....welcome to AS....can't wait to get to know u
  3. Hello chelsea...welcome to AS...im chantal and i just wanna say that we r glad to have u here with us...its ok if ur not ready to share ...just take it all litle by little....we r all here for u when u need us
  4. Hey i hope ur aiight..u can PM me anytime we r all here 4 u
  5. Hello crushed soul...welcome to AS,,,hope u know we r all here 4 u....feel free to pm me anytime....
  6. Hello welcome to AS...we are glad to have u with us..can't wait to get to know u too
  7. Hello..welcome to A.S...my name is Chantal ..just wanted to say hi and glad to have u with us
  8. Hi Ali...im chantal....welcome to AS...i wouldn't mind being ur friend ...
  9. Hello...welcome to AS..glad to have u with us in our community....
  10. Hello Alexis..im chantal..its a welcome to have u here with us...i am pretty new here too....
  11. Honey u r not alone..we r all here for u..i am here for u...
  12. hello..welcome to AS ...im chantal ..just wanted to say hi and glad u joined bcuz im positive that this will help u as much as it helped me...we r like a family here so don't feel shy to talk...
  13. Hello welcome to AS....glad to have u with us ,hope we can become good friends...stay strong chantal
  14. Hello punky..welcome to AS....glad to have u here
  15. hello cathie...im chantal...just wanted to say welcome to AS and just wanted to let u know if u ever need to talk just Private message me...ill always listen...lata
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