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  1. Absolutely ❤️ run don't walk to those PMs haha. It's okay to feel down about it all. Its terrifying. He never deserved your attention. You're way too good for him to ever win your heart over in a consensual setting. That makes me so happy to hear you used the anger you felt to prove that you didn't need him like he made you feel like. That's getting your power back, Enigma. -🥭
  2. Enigma, F sounds so evil its scary. no, you didnt lead him on, he was a predator. No, you werent ungrateful he was taking advantage of you. I’m so sorry. I want to say how brave you are and how proud I am for you to share your blog. He could have really hurt you physically if he wanted to if you resisted like you did on this day, because he had power over you, all along. I relate to the bitterness towards men in power. I have also experienced women in power who did not uphold in their positions for other women however... that was my experience with the Board of Trustees memb
  3. Hi there. Sorry for what brings you here. the forums are extremely helpful. best of luck in your healing journey -🥭
  4. not taken personally I only reply when I feel it's necessary... like when what I am thinking hasn't been said yet... You're T sounds really cool and like they understand you. You are so strong and brave for being able to write out your painful memories and then talk about them... I am realizing slowly how hard and personal it is to remember improperly healed wounds, and put it into words in a blog... But I also know how healing it can be, and I just want you to remember nothing that happened to you was your fault, you didn't ask for it, and I edited this out of my original reply because
  5. Hey nice to meet you I'm Mango. I'm sorry for what brings you here and I hope you are safe.
  6. I feel like trauma can hurt timelessly. I'm so sorry. sitting with you if okay.
  7. I can relate to this feeling. I am afraid of finding a job because I don't want to work anywhere I think I could get s*xually harrassed... SH.... My mom said this would be a good thing to talk about with a T. being cornered by men should be...illegal... I understand the influence your history has on your feelings now, but it doesn't justify the inconsiderate actions by your coworkers... I've said this in a few different responses... but it is not too much to expect people around you to be respectful or mindful about SH in the workplace and things that can make a someone feel uncomf
  8. Don't be sorry I'm sorry for oversharing.... I don't want you to feel obligated or pressured to respond... reposted in my blog in Memories resurfacing
  9. 😊💙 @Moongoddess
  10. you're welcome! No your story wasn't *too* disturbing... We both probably mentioned mandatory reporting because its true. And what's sad is he really could have helped you but failed.... An art teacher from college came to mind when I read your story. He wasn't a teacher very long when I had him. your story is unique because it is your life and no one else's. being assaulted by your teacher should not be normal. Also DeVoss is an idiot and making horrible choices for the future of education in America.
  11. Before I read your previous post this is my response because I read the one before this: You were extremely vulnerable after being beaten at home. When you came to school the next day a teacher r*d you. Your teacher had no reason to become sexual with you. I know it isn't what you wanted at the time but the teacher really should have reported the abuse at home.... It is not your fault that he didn't however, also I'm sure teachers are mandatory reporters I could be wrong. that's his fault. He wasn't helping. that way, you and your family could have spoken with a social worker,
  12. “Fake it till I make it” is what I told myself when I stuffed tissues in my bra in middle school. Lol
  13. I’m curious, was your father abusive to all your siblings or only you? Sensing root issues in family dynamic, maybe jealousy in some weird way by ur sister? She needed to handle the passing of your brother bc she wasnt able to control the situations of dad/stepmom with their passings.. ? onomatopoeia for you: yeet 🥭
  14. 💔 I am going to repost it in my blog -mango
  15. You are so brave. If it makes any difference, I went to college and studied health education so I got to learn a bit about schools and what is happening behind the scenes. First of all, this teacher who assaulted you, is so beyond fucked up to do these things to a student, when the drives for becoming a teacher in the first place, are primarily and genuinely because teachers become teachers because they want to become positive forces of change in the world by helping students. He is an animal. His mind is primitive. But to be fair, becoming a primary school math teacher is not the
  16. I think I'm doing this right, but sitting with you if ok? ❤️
  17. You're welcome. Take care and rest. I wish the process was easier too. I hope the best pain relief comes your way very soon and without hassle. ❤️ Mango
  18. incredible ❤️ beautiful drawings, Viceless.
  19. Yeah. your f*ther probably took enough away from you, opioids will just take away more of your control... I'm glad to hear you removed the patch. Sending healing energy for whatever you need with moon-prism-power. I am thinking myself... All things we use for comfort can be easily crossed over into addiction; we can be addicted to so many different things, some chemically stronger than others. I love Cannabis, but we both probably know it isn't for/available to everyone. If it is legal near you and there are dispensaries, it would be worth the cash maybe to pick up an indica for the
  20. You do seem like you're going through a lot. I am so happy you are a part of After Silence and have shared your story on here. Dr.'s in my experience are immediately affected by biases when giving care to anyone, unless they have overcome it. Largely, there is still a lot of growth to take place in the ways patients and Dr.'s communicate. I just wanted to validate any dissonance you might feel with the way your thoracic surgeon has been advising you. Have you looked into female chiropractors that will be able to treat your spine? I've recently discovered a walk in clinic in my area for f
  21. Hi there After Silence peeps, you can call me Mango. I found the site after a teacher from high school posted a resource list on her instagram. The day I decided to visit the site I had experienced painful resurfaced memories from this past summer while with my lover. I cried so hard the only thing that reassured him was when I told him I found a support forum for survivors and I joined. I just recently finished college, and my assault stories I can share in the other forum, but there is more than one, and that alone I have found difficult to accept. Recently, I have b
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