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  1. Hey nice to meet you I'm Mango. I'm sorry for what brings you here and I hope you are safe.
  2. I feel like trauma can hurt timelessly. I'm so sorry. sitting with you if okay.
  3. I can relate to this feeling. I am afraid of finding a job because I don't want to work anywhere I think I could get s*xually harrassed... SH.... My mom said this would be a good thing to talk about with a T. being cornered by men should be...illegal... I understand the influence your history has on your feelings now, but it doesn't justify the inconsiderate actions by your coworkers... I've said this in a few different responses... but it is not too much to expect people around you to be respectful or mindful about SH in the workplace and things that can make a someone feel uncomfortable. companies not acknowledging it or having trainings around preventing SH is a problem and inaction is compliance in perpetuating violence. Sitting with you if ok
  4. Don't be sorry I'm sorry for oversharing.... I don't want you to feel obligated or pressured to respond... reposted in my blog in Memories resurfacing
  5. 😊💙 @Moongoddess
  6. you're welcome! No your story wasn't *too* disturbing... We both probably mentioned mandatory reporting because its true. And what's sad is he really could have helped you but failed.... An art teacher from college came to mind when I read your story. He wasn't a teacher very long when I had him. your story is unique because it is your life and no one else's. being assaulted by your teacher should not be normal. Also DeVoss is an idiot and making horrible choices for the future of education in America.
  7. Before I read your previous post this is my response because I read the one before this: You were extremely vulnerable after being beaten at home. When you came to school the next day a teacher r*d you. Your teacher had no reason to become sexual with you. I know it isn't what you wanted at the time but the teacher really should have reported the abuse at home.... It is not your fault that he didn't however, also I'm sure teachers are mandatory reporters I could be wrong. that's his fault. He wasn't helping. that way, you and your family could have spoken with a social worker, who could have actually helped. Local to me right now, SA allegations in a school district are being posted on an IG account. Nationally, Betsy DeVoss is revising title IX to protect schools from accountability when their student is assaulted or assaults on or off school property.................................................................... yours is the second story so far I've read on AS of r* at school. based on what I know already is you not only survived domestic violence at home, you survived r* at school by a teacher when dude could have chosen to stop the violence in your life by actually making sure you were safe.... stopped it......I can only imagine what other repetitions you've seen of abuse in your life from people around you not stepping in. and yeah I am figuring that out a little. its not your fault....... its the people around you who's fault it is. .......... I am so sorry if this is the wrong thing to say. I will delete it if I need to. ❤️ -mango
  8. “Fake it till I make it” is what I told myself when I stuffed tissues in my bra in middle school. Lol
  9. I’m curious, was your father abusive to all your siblings or only you? Sensing root issues in family dynamic, maybe jealousy in some weird way by ur sister? She needed to handle the passing of your brother bc she wasnt able to control the situations of dad/stepmom with their passings.. ? onomatopoeia for you: yeet 🥭
  10. You are so brave. If it makes any difference, I went to college and studied health education so I got to learn a bit about schools and what is happening behind the scenes. First of all, this teacher who assaulted you, is so beyond fucked up to do these things to a student, when the drives for becoming a teacher in the first place, are primarily and genuinely because teachers become teachers because they want to become positive forces of change in the world by helping students. He is an animal. His mind is primitive. But to be fair, becoming a primary school math teacher is not the biggest accomplishment you can have or the most you could do even to instigate change.... but, unfortunately. it is a good way to be around kids. i'll reiterate this because why tf not, but it's not your fault. He deserves to feel the shame. He was an adult and he had power over you. I am so sorry for what happened to you. But as a survivor myself and having been through a couple post-secondary education programs, I will tell you that meeting men like that, like your abuser. won't get old. For me at least, they stick out like sore thumbs. and I remember things they say that make them think they're right, smart and all the things, and I use those memories to empower myself into taking action to thwart their confidence. Yanno, however you can these days. I feel like survivors exist with the belief their abusers will not ever have accountability. but I am learning that there are more ways to hold someone accountable that doesn't happen legally. although in your case, I hope you were successful if this was you. I read your story Samantha and I am so sad for the 15 year old girl that you were. I want to run up to that car window with your teacher and you sitting inside, break in the windshield and pull you free. At any reconciliation, it is common knowledge I think now, for educators to understand that it is suspicious for a teacher to give a ride to a student. I worry that this is because of stories like your own, happening in multiplicity. Humans make me so sick sometimes... I can even recall accusations being made against coaches and security guards in my middle school who were generally known as "friendly." Also, if you would like to accept this horrible trauma as a part of your past, I suggest you keep the memories of his "perviness" close. It was not okay what he did to you. He is not neat, or cool or anything positive. He is a predator and he used his power as a teacher to hurt you. He abused his privilege to work with kids. instead of instilling hope, confidence and resiliency in you, and even decent math skills, he chose to target you and make you his victim. Nothing is your fault. it is not normal. And I hope you have that thought in your memories of him, that he was sick, and deeply fucked up beyond any repair or goddamn flirt he could get with an underage kid. Fuck that guy. Fuck your abuser. I hope you are well. ❤️ Mango
  11. I think I'm doing this right, but sitting with you if ok? ❤️
  12. You're welcome. Take care and rest. I wish the process was easier too. I hope the best pain relief comes your way very soon and without hassle. ❤️ Mango
  13. incredible ❤️ beautiful drawings, Viceless.
  14. Yeah. your f*ther probably took enough away from you, opioids will just take away more of your control... I'm glad to hear you removed the patch. Sending healing energy for whatever you need with moon-prism-power. I am thinking myself... All things we use for comfort can be easily crossed over into addiction; we can be addicted to so many different things, some chemically stronger than others. I love Cannabis, but we both probably know it isn't for/available to everyone. If it is legal near you and there are dispensaries, it would be worth the cash maybe to pick up an indica for the rest of your evening since you removed the patch....? You have pain that can be treated, you do not have to suffer if you don't have to. But hey it is up to you. Just giving a suggestion for your thinking. I love how it makes my body feel to not only physically be in a safe place now but to mentally be in this safe place now. Sending healing energy to you! Also, if you do decide to try it buy an edible, does not matter indica or sativa theyre all the same, because if smoking makes you cough you might hurt yourself, because your neck is delicate. Sincerely, Mango
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