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  1. Rain and thunder last night 🙂 I can breathe! 

    1. abhaya


      Its so good, right?  Now the air here is just "Unhealthy" and not "Hazardous"

    2. mango_star1


      Now it’s ‘good’ :cloud9: @abhaya

  2. Hey all, the story we are telling in Humor and Silliness is getting pretty good... you should check it out 


    1. matts


      Thanks, I'm going to take a look now. :) I could use a good Humor and Silliness story.

    2. mango_star1


      @matts ❤️ mom warning

  3. Absolutely ❤️ run don't walk to those PMs haha. It's okay to feel down about it all. Its terrifying. He never deserved your attention. You're way too good for him to ever win your heart over in a consensual setting. That makes me so happy to hear you used the anger you felt to prove that you didn't need him like he made you feel like. That's getting your power back, Enigma. -🥭
  4. Enigma, F sounds so evil its scary. no, you didnt lead him on, he was a predator. No, you werent ungrateful he was taking advantage of you. I’m so sorry. I want to say how brave you are and how proud I am for you to share your blog. He could have really hurt you physically if he wanted to if you resisted like you did on this day, because he had power over you, all along. I relate to the bitterness towards men in power. I have also experienced women in power who did not uphold in their positions for other women however... that was my experience with the Board of Trustees members at my college. ANYWAYS PM is open for you. Sending UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. -🥭
  5. Hi there. Sorry for what brings you here. the forums are extremely helpful. best of luck in your healing journey -🥭
  6. not taken personally I only reply when I feel it's necessary... like when what I am thinking hasn't been said yet... You're T sounds really cool and like they understand you. You are so strong and brave for being able to write out your painful memories and then talk about them... I am realizing slowly how hard and personal it is to remember improperly healed wounds, and put it into words in a blog... But I also know how healing it can be, and I just want you to remember nothing that happened to you was your fault, you didn't ask for it, and I edited this out of my original reply because it may have been too much.... but I hope you can still org*sm. I hope that wasn't taken away from you. for me it happens inconsistently and even less so because of antidepressants but I always can tell when its about to happen. the great pleasure our body feels can make us feel deep love and trust for the person there with us... But when the moment's gone, our dopamine drops below threshold in our brains giving you that feeling of shame..... It wasn’t your fault. you were vulnerable and targeted by people you trusted and I am so sorry for the painful memories that live with you today even though you are no longer in the unsafe place. ❣️ Good luck on your healing journey with your T and thank you again for sharing.
  7. Hey nice to meet you I'm Mango. I'm sorry for what brings you here and I hope you are safe.
  8. I feel like trauma can hurt timelessly. I'm so sorry. sitting with you if okay.
  9. I can relate to this feeling. I am afraid of finding a job because I don't want to work anywhere I think I could get s*xually harrassed... SH.... My mom said this would be a good thing to talk about with a T. being cornered by men should be...illegal... I understand the influence your history has on your feelings now, but it doesn't justify the inconsiderate actions by your coworkers... I've said this in a few different responses... but it is not too much to expect people around you to be respectful or mindful about SH in the workplace and things that can make a someone feel uncomfortable. companies not acknowledging it or having trainings around preventing SH is a problem and inaction is compliance in perpetuating violence. Sitting with you if ok
  10. Don't be sorry I'm sorry for oversharing.... I don't want you to feel obligated or pressured to respond... reposted in my blog in Memories resurfacing
  11. 😊💙 @Moongoddess
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