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  1. @MeBeMary

    Ah, yes I read that it's impossible to have two accounts. Which I can understand. I read it after making this account. ☺️ I sent a message to the admins about it. I would like to keep this one and let the old one be inactive. Thank you for informing me. 


    Thank you. Yes, I guess It's time to reach out again, find some support. 



  2. Hi,

    I've been a member of this forum before. I think I joined like 10 years ago. I came here on and off during the following years. It has been a while now. Right now I feel the need to start over. Share things from a changed point of view. Feel safe, with a clean slate. Happy to be here again. This forum meant a lot in the past. It helps to talk, read, connect, ...


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