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  1. Where is my chat? It isn't here anymore?

    1. AKB


      I'm so very sorry to share this post. I hope that you'll still find the support and value that AS has always been. 


    2. copper_lips



    3. copper_lips
  2. YAY!  I missed you all AS Fam!

    1. MeBeMary



      Woo Hoo! Welcome back!!

  3. I feel lost...who am I? I don't even know...

  4. Why are people cruel? Why am I surprised?  Why haven't I learned?

    1. MeBeMary


      We want to believe there is good. In many cases, there are. I'm sorry you have come across ones who are not. You deserve much better.

      Sitting with you. :hug: 

    2. copper_lips


      Thank you @MeBeMary!  You ARE one of those good! :doctor:

    3. MeBeMary



      As are you.

  5. Feeling so alone...

    1. Field8


      Your never alone here. What’s up?

    2. copper_lips


      thanks @Field8...i have been overwhelmed for days...

  6. Melting down....how do I stop? :tear:

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    2. copper_lips


      Thank you @abhaya...it has been a rough two days...still trembling not sure why....

    3. copper_lips


      You are ana amazing support. 

    4. abhaya


      I'm happy to be part of your support circle, @copper_lips

      I don't know what is happening for you, but I hope things continue to get better and you can have a chance to just rest in a safe space and feel at ease.  I know for me things tend to come in waves, and the good news is that the bad times don't last forever.  I'm glad you're reaching out to people for support and I hope you have people you can talk to in person too. 🙂 You're not alone.

  7. Thanks @8888! You all have been so kind and helpful!
  8. Thank you @missfrier! You all have been WONDERFUL so far!
  9. @snmls Thank you so much! I have begun to share, and I must say, it makes we feel better!
  10. @MeBeMary Thank you so much for the warm welcome!
  11. @WannaMoveOn Thank you for the warm welcome! I really appreciate it!
  12. So glad I found this forum. I have been on here reading for awhile now and am finally feeling ready to share myself.
  13. Anxiety overload...just too much to handle...

    1. samantha2009


      @copper_lips sitting with you through the anxiety, if ok?



    2. copper_lips


      Yes please and thank you! :penguin:

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