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  1. and my fear became a reality...

    1. Enigma87


      I’m sorry for what you are going through :( sitting with you if ok? ❤️

    2. karakarakara


      @Enigma87 thank you so much ❤️ I greatly appreciate you being here!

  2. @Tee06 Thank you! I'm glad to hear your experience is good. I've always felt out of place in so many communities, and everyone here is so welcoming and kind.
  3. You can call me Mikya. I'm a trans man, a game development student, musician, writer, and a survivor. I have experienced quite a lot of this type of trauma, to the point that I don't tell anyone of anything but incidents that everyone have proof, because I know no one will believe me anymore if I do. I've also laughed all of it off for my entire life, and I'm so tired of laughing. I want to grieve and be angry... I heard about this website from a friend I met in residential (for ED) and I decided I probably need a safe place to grieve since I have none outside of my partner -- I'm sure it's an incredibly big burden for her to carry when I'm struggling, especially since she struggles herself with other things, so I don't want her to bear the brunt of all of my trauma meltdowns and mood swings. I feel like it's safe to grieve and process things here. I'm in therapy, granted not as often as I need it due to insurance, so my therapist agreed it was important to find somewhere to process between sessions, and this community seems very welcoming. I hope to get to know you all and become friends.
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